Vivid Marketing, Inc. is a Sales, Marketing, & Management firm based in Columbia, MD. Vivid Marketing, Inc. specializes in tailoring Sales & Marketing Campaigns for Fortune 100 companies. 
As a leader in the outsourced industry, Vivid Marketing, Inc. works with some of the most recognized and respected Fortune 100 companies in the world. Our current client is the largest Telecommunications and Fiber Optics provider on the East Coast.

Our approach to direct marketing is able to reach 99% of our clients' target markets. By focusing our efforts on a face-to-face approach and relationship based marketing approach, we are able to bring our client long term customers while increasing name brand recognition and level of customer loyalty.

We focus our energy in (3) main areas: 

  • Customer Acquisition & Retention.  Fortune 100 companies hire Vivid Marketing, Inc. to facilitate customer growth. As a face to face liaison for our clients, we sell their products and services to their target markets quickly AND with quality. 

  • Leadership & Strategic Consultation.  We foster a high energy environment conducive to working in teams for our network of offices nation-wide.  

  • Internal Growth, Development & Stability.  All Vivid Marketing team members will not only grow professionally, but personally as well. We partner everyone with highly skilled industry mentors to ensure success. Our hands-on training program is designed to develop transferable skills; and that is the foundation for our organization’s growth.

Our Mission

At Vivid Marketing, Inc., we believe that a fun, energetic & motivating company culture is directly correlated with long-term success.  All  team members enjoy an environment of freedom, while we avoid a culture of “walking on egg shells" or micromanagement.  Our company thrives on a “work hard, play hard” mentality; and we reward our team members with internal, merit-based promotions. 

We promote team success, as well as individual achievements in a consistently high energy, positive atmosphere.

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